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Guided Tours with a Humorous Touch

PRZEMYSL and its surroundings

Tel: + 48  577- 015 - 755

The Mysteries of Przemysl in a Nutshell

Three hours of adventure on an historical trail older than the Egyptian pyramids?

from 80 PLN / hr                     przemysl.guide

 Tals der Vier Teiche

Explore the Magic of the Valley of the 4 Ponds

For everyone who’s looking for a change from weekends spent in town, we invite you to…     www.dolina4stawow.pl

Menu from the 20 - 50 PLN

Przemyśl von der Küche

Gastronomical Delights of Przemysl

This time, we invite you to…. the cuisine of Przemysl.

from 80 PLN / hr + Menu    

Krasiczyn Castle

Visiting Przemysl, we cannot miss out on the pearl of the Renaissance, making a stop at the Castle in Krasiczyn.

 from 80 PZN / hr                  Guide Przemyśł

The Sacred and the Profane in Przemysl

​The history of the town expressed in its churches, in other words, the Sacred and the Profane in Przemysl.

 from 80 PLN / hr                  www.przemysl.guide

Przemysl Fortress

This time we will get to know the fortress town – the Przemysl Fortress – a mighty group of defence systems...

from 80  PLN / hr                  

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