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    Krasiczyn Castle

Visiting Przemysl, we cannot miss out on the pearl of the Renaissance, making a stop at the Castle in Krasiczyn.

It’s only 7 miles from Przemysl, travelling along a picturesque route by the River San. On the road between Przemysl and Sanok, near the River San crossing, lies Krasiczyn Castle, one of the most beautiful show pieces of the Renaissance.

Stanislaw Krasicki started building the Castle at the end of the 16th century – a castellan of Przemysl, and a descendant of Mazowiecki nobility, landowners who arrived here in the 16th century; Coat of Arms Rogal.

Marcin Krasicki, renowned as one of the most outstanding patron of the arts in Poland of the time, reshaped the severe looking defensive Castle, built by his father, into a splendid lordly residence.

However, you can read about all of this in guide books….

Whereas, we will guide you through the dark and humorous, the tragic and the beautiful - where the memories of past deeds, still live inside the Castle walls! Murals and cloisters. Wardrobes with secret panels and the park with its age-old trees.

 Length of Tour: 1-2 hours

 Price: 1hr - 80 PLN, 2hrs - 160 PLN, 3hrs – 220 PLN

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