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Guided Tours  with   a Humorous Touch


Seeing the sights of Przemysl and its surroundings with a tour guide (in Polish, English or German), routes which were traditionally taken by processions of our rulers, and merchant caravans from around the world.

Following roads where mysteries are enveloped in the mists of time.

We will show you the best known and amazing historical monuments.

All this served up with humour!

Get to know our detailed offers.

PRZEMYSL and its surroundings with adventure and fun

The Mysteries of Przemysl in a Nutshell

Three hours of adventure on an historical trail older than the Egyptian pyramids? 

           Guide Przemysl

Przewodnik Przemyśl

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Przemysl Fortress



A frontier town of WWI.

This time we will get to know the fortress town – the Przemysl Fortress – a mighty group of defence systems...



The Sacred and the Profane in Przemysl

The history of the town as depicted in its churches, in other words….

                   Przemysl Guide

Explore the Magic of the Valley of the Four Ponds

For everyone who’s looking for a change from weekends spent in town, we invite you to….


Guide Przemysl
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Zwiedzanie Przemyśl

Guided Tours  with   a Humorous Touch.  PRZEMYSL and its surroundings with adventure and fun.

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