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Valley Of The 4 Ponds

Explore the Magic of the Valley of the Four Ponds


The Valley of the Four Ponds is located in an unusual corner   of Skopow. Set in a fenced five-acre plot and uniquely terraced, are found four fish ponds filled with water drawn from their own source.

The charming terrain is surrounded on three sides by a wood. Here you can admire a view of the Hills of Przemysl and Dynow.

Everyone who is looking for an alternative to weekends spent   in town, is invited to the Valley of the Four Ponds for fishing, sun-bathing and barbequing.

At the weekends, we serve our dishes straight from Hell’s Kitchen! Soup of the Day and home-baked cake served with coffee or tea. We prepare meals on request, organise wine tasting, parties for special occasions, integrational breaks and open air events.


Menu from the 20 - 50 PLN

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