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PRZEMYSL and its surroundings

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  Sacrum i Profanum

The Sacred and the Profane in Przemysl

The history of the town expressed in its churches, in other words, the Sacred and the Profane in Przemysl.

The Old Town was dominated over the centuries by monumental shrines full of mysteries: The Arch-see Cathedral and churches of the Carmelite and Franciscan Fathers, Reformation Order and The Barefoot Carmelite Sisters.

The walls and alters are like books, in which we can read the most unbelievable stories. After all, this is where the “Monachomachia” (the monks’ war) of Ignasius Krasicki came into being.

We will take you to places filled with the sacred and the profane.

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Price: 1hr - 80 PLN, 2hrs - 160 PLN, 3hrs – 220 PLN

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