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  Przemysl Fortress

A frontier town of WWI

This time we will get to know the fortress town – the Przemysl Fortress – a mighty group of defence systems, one of 200 large permanent fortifications which existed in Europe in 1914 and the third largest after Antwerp and Verdun.

Why did such a huge and ingeniously realised logistical project arise in Przemysl?

What was this fortification really meant to defend, and what role did the Przemysl Gate fulfil in Europe?

Our visit will start from the Lower Sanok Gate and move on to the Przemysl Fort Museum, followed by the Garrison Hospital  on Slowackiego Street – where you will be shown the workplace of Prof. Rudolf Stefan Weigle – nominated 9 times for a Nobel Prize.

Programme of Tour:

  • Lower Sanok Gate

  • Przemysl Fort Museum

  • The old military parish office

This part of the tour we can do on foot. Other sections – due to the distance – require transportation.

  • The Garrison Hospital

  • Barrack complex number IV – music school complex

  • War cemetery

  • Hill Fort XVI

  • Battery XVIb “Tartar Mound”

Drive along Lukasinskiego – Dworskiego Streets:

  • The Villa of Jozef Frenkle, now a bank, the building of the former machine factory and iron works belonging to J. Gorniak – Siemiradzkiego St. – Mickiewicza St., a stylish street at the time of the Fortress, on which were found the most important buildings of the Fortress administration

  • The railway station

Length of Tour: 4-5 hours

Price: 1hr - 80 PLN, 2hrs - 16 PLN, 3hrs – 220 PLN

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